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Blatantly Political Official SBA Press Release

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This blatantly political,  Official SBA Press Release was posted to the NEWS column of the WIFCN Home Page on 19 July 2023:

“Biden-Harris Administration Sets Record-Breaking $163 Billion in Federal Procurement Opportunities to Small Businesses”


Published on July 18, 2023

Here is the URL for the Press Release: https://www.sba.gov/article/2023/07/18/biden-harris-administration-sets-record-breaking-163-billion-federal-procurement-opportunities-small 

No criticism of WIFCON or its Webmaster intended. When I read the Press Release, it was obviously intended to specicially credit the current Administration and its political appointee for the magnitude of Small Business awards.

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Since I visit many sites every night, I've seen this quite a bit from every Administration -- Democrat or Republican-- over the past 25 years.  I cannot amend an agency Press Release and that is one of them.  Last night, I visited a site that I usually use but couldn't use the entry because it was blaming the Republican Party for something or other--and that was a non-government site.  I make judgements on whether content outweighs the political nonsense every night.  It's frustrating and it takes me longer to get done.

In the questioned news release, I decided that the statistics outweighed the "Biden-Harris Administration" wording.  SBA does it a lot, probably more than others.  So, when you see an agency press release like that, you can be assured that I saw it before you and made a judgement that the content outweighed the political baloney.  In other cases, you won't see an article, because I judged it offensive to a political Party.

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It a sad state of affairs. I can’t remember my former agency making political claims or giving credit for agency accomplishments at the Administration level, including the political appointees.

No - it makes me angry that the Small Business Administration would do that.

I do remember the agency sometimes acknowledging the work of specific congressional members or state delegations for various projects or programs. I think some of that was glad handing to keep the delegations happy. The Members of Congress released their own press releases.

Happy delegations means more money… 

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I've been doing this since 1992 and have never seen such political micro-managing.  When I first heard someone at my agency say "the White House wants this $70M spent before November 2024*" I thought it was the usual program office BS/flexing, but it turned out to be true. Never mind that there are no bona fide needs identified, but By the Grace of God we're gonna' spend it.



Through President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, we have championed initiatives to fuel our nation’s historic economic growth while reducing barriers and ensuring fair competition in federal contracting,” said Administrator Guzman. “The Biden Administration continues to raise the bar, reaching a record high level of contract spending with small businesses, supporting over one million good-paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, research & development, and other vital industries.

So much for the Hatch Act.

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