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How hard is it to change job series from an 1102 to a 500 series?

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I'm in the process of obtaining an 1102 position that requires a service agreement. In total I'll be signing up for roughly six years of 1102 experience (career laddered!) I have an MBA and within the next 12 months will have my master’s in accounting. How difficult would it be for me to change job series to either accounting or finance after the service agreement is up? I'm concerned that I’ll have my MSA for over 5 years with little to no accounting experience. I'm also worried that I won't enjoy the 1102 work as I've read mixed reviews and the job series seems to have a lot of burnout. 

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If you’re in a location where lots of 1102 jobs are available and it has a reasonably visible and important mission, in six years you’ll likely be a GS-13 or GS-14.  That’s assuming you perform well.  The issue about switching to accounting or finance is staying at the same grade level so you don’t have to take a downgrade.  Depending on your 1102 experience, you might be able to claim accounting/finance duties as part of your 1102 work.  Several 1102s have done that especially when work involves interfacing of automated systems.  You should be aware of what’s going on at your job location over the next few years.  Lots of things can happen over that time.  From what I see today, someone in the right position at the right agency might be able to lateral at the GS-13 level but that’s about the highest.  Again it boils down to your personal abilities, interest, and achievements.

Edit:  I should add an important piece in switching is ensuring your resume detailing your work in the 1102 position includes lots of finance/accounting duties.  The HR department will look at what your resume says and will match it up against finance/accounting job series standards.  The resume needs to hit all the proper buzz words

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As an 1102 you will need to obtain continuous learning e.g. CLPs.  The current requirement is 80 CLPs in a two year period and for the current period it ends April 2024.  I understand after this period the requirement may increase to 100 CLPs (May 2024 - April 2026).  I would suggest that you look into finance/accounting courses/classes as part of your CLP requirement in addition to any require procurement or leadership courses/classes.  In the past as an 1102 I took classes/courses in program management and was able to obtain a Level 1 certification in Program Management.

1102 training is going to change to include the CLPs so become familiar with the continuous learning requirement(s) and research if the requirement(s) will allow you to obtain finance/accounting training.  If so this will help you down the road if you decide to explore opportunities in finance/accounting. 

If you are in a civilian agency for more information on CLP requirements contact your agency Acquisition Career Manager and also visit FAI at https://www.fai.gov/training/continuous-learning-opportunities


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