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Overhead versus G&A?

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53 minutes ago, WifWaf said:

Either way, my point is that this it is management role, not a practitioner’s role to decide where to cut.

When the DFARS 252.242-7005 clause (and implementing regulations) were out for public comment more than 10 years ago, I personally submitted a comment to the DAR Council that the auditors (and administrators) lacked sufficient resources to execute the rule. I forget the exact response but, essentially, the DAR Council said that resource availability had no weight as they drafted their requirements. (You can probably Google their exact language, if you're so inclined.) I was ... shocked ... at such a callous point of view.

Shrug. More than a decade later, it doesn't matter.

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Wifwaf, I don't know if it is still a problem, but one of our biggest problems was cleaning up the mess that PCOs made of their contracts.  Many times it seemed that they didn't care or didn't know what clauses they put in contracts, but thought that the ACO would figure out what was applicable and administer the contracts accordingly.  Throw that on top of having to deal with DCAA auditors who thought it was their sacred duty to protect the Treasury from raids by contractors, who were all deemed to be a bunch of brigands out for loot, and you have a real problem.

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