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Suggestions for the "New & Improved" Contracting Software


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The idea behind this topic is to consolidate ideas somebody (I "volunteer" Vern Edwards! LOL!!! :D ) could pass up the chain so we could get better contract-writing software.

I use PD2 and considered it a lot better than a typewriter and almost as good as MSWord... so, my suggestions:

- CCR synchronization SHOULD mean no local database maintenance.

- The user should have more control of how the final document looks like:

- User-defined CLIN templates (set up how the CLIN will actually look to the public. i.e. where the description is placed, an underline for the offeror to input the unit and total prices, space between CLINs, etc.)

- Improved ability to drag-and-drop items.

- Clause Matrix – allow the ability to accept, discard, and change clauses/provisions after using it.

- Ability to modify coordination with resource management (RM) software (PD2 is not talking well with Army RM).

Any more ideas for the upcoming "new and improved" contract-writing software?

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What you are saying is close to the original concept for PD2 (actually called SPS). AMS, at the time, won the SPS award using the commercial version of their Procurement Desktop system. It's especially interesting because the federal procurement desktop was considered too restrictive in its design and operation to meet the open and flexible requirements of SPS. So AMS proposed their commercial version of the software. So far so good.

Then all the Services got involved with all their "unique" requirements. Of course all the commands and every organization along the chain also had "unique" requirements. Next everyone had their special finance system and interface needs and they couldn't/wouldn't consider doing business any other way. So PD2 ended up as a convoluted system to meet everyone’s (many say no one's needs).

What you propose is easy to do from a technology standpoint. Now all you have to do is find a way for everyone to live with it.

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