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32 minutes ago, PATRICK3 said:

Legal is reviewing it, but even if we hold discussions and eliminate that vendor based on their lack of information, they still wouldn't be included. That's still fair to do, right? 


We don’t know.  However, if discussions are conducted and the lowest priced offeror’s proposal could easily be corrected to provide the information, I’m not certain that you can eliminate them from the competitive range.

If you are using LPTA method, you must carefully craft your minimum acceptability criteria. That is a real disadvantage of LPTA if your criteria resembles a responsibility determination. Your complaints appear to involve responsibility. We don’t know what your factors or criteria are.

(I see that Vern has replied but I haven’t read his response yet).


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I read Vern’s last response and agree with him.

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Another thought regarding discussions. - If you conduct discussions, it would appear that it would be because other proposals contain technical deficiencies that can be corrected  and/or you feel that they can lower their prices.

If the former, then why can’t the lowest priced offeror have the same opportunity?

If the latter, then it would seem that you should explore whether or not the lowest price price isn’t in error or at least review it with the offeror so you can understand it.

Again - we don’t know the facts. This is just some general speculation, based upon my experience. The fundamental principle is to treat all offerors fairly.

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