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I'll add to Vern's informative link with a caution that many contracting officers do not fully understand how to deal with unpopulated JVs. Nor do many contractors that form them!

Questions to be answered ahead of time:

1. Which entity will do the accounting for the JV? Is that entity going to be submitting invoices on behalf of the JV? Does that entity have an adequate accounting system?

2. If the "subcontractors" to the JV are going to receive cost-type contracts, do they all have adequate accounting systems?

3. Does each "subcontractor" to the JV have the ability to calculate allowable indirect cost rates and to issue credible cost proposals suitable for negotiation?

4. How will profit be distributed to the JV members? How will any unallowable costs, incurred on behalf of the JV (rather than an individual member), be accounted for?

I could go on. These issues, and others, should be sorted ahead of time so that the proposal can clearly explain to the government how it's all going to work.

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