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GovWin #211918 Cybersecurity Support


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There was an opportunity we were watching, GovWin 211918, Cybersecurity Support, with the USPTO.

The latest GovWin update says the opportunity was separated into 4 task orders and awarded to 4 companies.  As far as I can tell, this was done without the usual solicitation and competitive proposal procedure.  The government just picked its 4 favorite contractors and gave them awards.

What might have been the justification for that? 


------------------------------------------ from GovWin --------------------------------------------

The Contracting Office confirmed this requirement was separated into 4 task orders and awarded via GSA MAS Schedule and VETS 2. Task Orders were awarded to Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Saliense Consulting llc, Xor Security llc, and Zermount, Inc. Please refer to the Contracts Section of this report for details. Stephan Batt is the Point of Contact for this effort.

Please note that due to the acquisition strategy selected by the government, Deltek has limited visibility into this procurement and is unable to provide a copy of the Solicitation documents.


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Does govwin mention any solicitation?

Just a guess but the government may have used market research and selected a pool of GSA contractor holders to solicit.  If so all that’s required is soliciting sufficient sources to ensure a minimum of three responses are received.  Again just guessing but I would bet quite a few sources were solicited.  Most likely USPTO evaluated the responses and made multiple awards.

Before you go further, carefully read the ordering process under FAR 8.405-2.

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GovWin is only as good as the data Deltek can collect and I've found is often not that accurate. I'm on the Fed side so don't know the ins and outs of the system, but I've received a number of calls over the years from industry saying they saw XYZ on GoVWin and the info was not correct. Seems to be a good system, but not great.

Quick check in FPDS and the most recent awards were in the spring and summer if I'm looking at the right ones. Looks like for the awards under MAS, they might have done what @formerfed mentioned and reached out to a smaller pool rather than posting on eBuy - shows competitive award under FSS with 3 offers received, but no solicitation number. VETS2 shows 1 award with 6 offers from solicitation 1333BJ22Q00280006. 

Like Deltek, I used the info I had available - in this case FPDS - so it could just as easily be flawed. Of the 4 contractors named in your post, I found the most recent awards by PTO, all of which had "cybersecurity" in the title. Only one, awarded to Xor, was called "cybersecurity operations contract support services" specifically.

Have you tried reaching out the POC to see how they were solicited? 

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Excellent analysis @Contracting_in_Wonderland.  Another guess but PTO may had four separate requirements and only one was for cybersecurity specifically.  The others might be somewhat related.  I think it’s unusual for an agency to make multiple awards for something like cybersecurity.

@lotus you have a POC for PTO from govwin. Check with him and let us know what you find. 

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