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Apparent Awardee Clearances/Approvals/Checks?


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Hi all, is there any kind of list or matrix of the various reviews/clearances/etc that Contracting Officers need to perform on apparent awardees? Things like ensuring they meet annual VETS-4212 reporting requirement if applicable, OFCCP clearance, FAR 52.223-3 requirements, FAR 19.702(a)(1)(i), etc. I'm looking for something that's just for the FAR and not to specific agency supplements to help make sure every box is checked prior to award. 

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I don't know of any standard checklist for offeror or awardee clearance. There are a number of contract file checklists, many of which are available online. Google <contract awardee clearance checklist>.

A checklist specifically for clearing an offeror or awardee will be acquisition-specific to some extent, so you might not be able to find a standard checklist. You might have to develop your own,

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While not a comprehensive list you asked for, I think the longest poles in the tent are as follows.  You would need to start on these in advance, upon receipt of proposals.

  • Contractor responsibility
  • Security clearances of key management personnel
  • OCI Mitigation Plan, if potential OCIs solicited and proposed/known
  • FITARA approval, if IT required
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