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When Wifcon.com was about 7 years old, Vern had submitted a number of articles to Wifcon.com for publication.  Way back then, his articles were viewed tens of thousands of times.  I am confident to say that after 24 years his articles have been viewed well over a million times on Wifcon.com.

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I've been interrupted by my dogs every time I sit down to write something.  

There have been numerous individuals who have published their writings on Wifcon.com and they have all benefitted from publishing their articles here.  As I have mentioned, h-t-h's article that was publised well over a decade ago, was the most popular article in September 2022.  The articles published on Wifcon.com have staying power.  If they are good, they are read over and over again each month.  You have an international audience here.  USE IT.  It's free.



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On 10/30/2022 at 7:18 AM, bob7947 said:


In the normal course of Wifcon.com business, I noticed an old article published on Wifcon.com from many years ago.  I noticed it because It was the most popular article viewed on Wifcon.com in September 2022. 

h_2_h ---- it was one of your articles.

Yes, I have published many articles in the past. I think I published four on Cost, Price & Accounting Report over the years.

I write fewer now, to be honest. Vern is right, I need to do more. 

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On 10/28/2022 at 2:31 PM, Vern Edwards said:

Once upon a time Contract Management carried articles by real pros. Once upon a time there was so much writing about contracting that a company named Federal Publications, Inc., published an annual compilation three inches thick. If the "profession" wants better stuff to read and doesn't like what it's reading, write something. It's not like there is a shortage of subject matter. It's work. It takes practice. But it's rewarding.

I have sat on my criticisms of NCMA and its authors for years because at least the authors are attempting to add to the contracting body of knowledge, which is more than I can say with my snarky and opinionated bloviating.  I fondly recall the days when I would lounge in the waiting area outside the SES's office to read the latest NCMA magazine (also the days when we had to share the one desktop computer with a public internet connection if we wanted to do any market research. True story.  That's not a joke man). 

Writing has been overtaken by Commenting.  (Irony Alert) 

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