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Age Groups of Wifcon Forum Members - 2022/2023


Age Groups of Wifcon Forum Members - 2022/2023  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Age Groups of Wifcon Forum Members - 2022/2023

    • 60 Years and Above
    • 50 to 59 Years
    • 40 to 49 Years
    • 30 to 39 Years
    • 29 Years and Under

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  • Poll closed on 06/23/2023 at 04:44 AM

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In 2016, I asked the same question of you.  After 130 votes over 5 years, our members showed a fairly even distribution in the age groups I listed.  I hope we can get more votes than the first one.  This poll will automatically close next year on 6/23/23.

All you have to do is look at the poll and click one group.  That's it.

If you want to talk about any results, you can do that too.  Only I have access to your display names and I haven't disclosed one in the 24 years of Wifcon.com's existence.

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One of the current issues is that the contracting workforce is aging with only a small percent of young individuals in the workforce.  Although there are only 18 votes in the current poll, it appears that Wifcon members may have aged over the years too with NO members in the youngest group.

Please vote in the poll so we reach a larger number of members voting.  Age of members may result in changes to the Wifcon site.

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