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GovCon 3rd Decade

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Where can I find the rules to watch out for when I have an employee who normally works as Corp G&A performing Direct labor?

He is fully qualified and there is no issue with labor categories or pay rate but he will physically be working on base vs. Corp office.

I understand I want to have his Fringe follow his labor and occupancy if both spaces are not kept open and available to him to use.

(in other words, I understand if someone else is sitting in one of his spots while he is in the other, occupancy allocates to the user).

This is a temporary assignment to fill in for the regular person who will be away for multiple weeks at a time and more than once,

but not a permanent change since this ee will ultimately return to his full-time Corp G&A position. Are there issues to be aware of?

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"Where can I find the rules...?" In our company, such rules are in our disclosed cost accounting practices.

"Are there issues to be aware of?" Consistently following disclosed cost accounting practices might be one, or in the absence of a disclosure statement, consistency in cost accounting. To repeat a cliche, a good motto is charge where you work and work where you charge.

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