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Boeing Wins the Boeing Engineering and Development Stage

joel hoffman

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See The Wifcon Blog.

Secretary of the Air Force just announced it. Boeing was apparently more than 1% lower in total evaluated price than EADS. No other details yet.

$3.5 billion with options for production...

"Boeing is the clear winner. "

EDIT: Sorry about the typo in the title of this thread. I meant to type "Tanker".

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Just an update on the "Airplane Wars". EADS announced yesterday that Airbus will build a plant in Mobile, AL beginning in 2013 and start producing versions of the Airbus A320 in Mobile. It intends to deliver the first one in 2016.

You can read it at: http://enr.construct...ry_id=174400042

Meanwhile, Boeing, its archrival, is bitterly complaining - again. Oh, did you know that Boeing decided to close its Wichita, KS assembly plant, after the good citizens and politicians of Kansas helped Boeing rip EADS and Mobile during the Tanker competition? They apparently thought that they were going to be a part of the Tanker Team. Sorry, Kansas.


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