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Registration Terms


Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.


This is a discussion forum. Users understand that the information provided on this forum is only for discussion purposes. It is not a source for answers to any contracting questions or problem. If you have a contracting problem and need an answer, contact a professional to assist you. Users understand and agree that they use any information from this discussion forum at their own risk and they will not hold the owner of wifcon.com liable for any information they take from this forum. Users agree and understand that the owner of WIFCON.com does not warrant any information on this discussion forum and that the owner of WIFCON.com bears no responsibility for the use of any information on this forum.


This discussion forum provides the owner with the identity of the internet service provider (or agency, company, educational institution, etc.) that you use to post to the site. This information is used in (1) validating your registration request and (2) can be used to identify individuals who abuse this site. To register, you must provide a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail address is used to verify that you are a valid human user and not an internet robot. WIFCON.com does not use your e-mail address to spam you.


Accounts that are not accessed for about a six month period are considered inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are removed.


Users posting to this site, by their use, agree to abide by the following rules and terms of use of this forum. All posters understand and acknowledge that this is a moderated discussion forum and infractions of the rules and terms of use may result in editing of their posts, deletion of their posts, and/or elimination of their accounts without notice to the poster. Users acknowledge that the webmaster makes all decisions in regard to the forum and that those decisions are final.

Once a user has been banned from the site any further attempts to obtain a username and/or post to this discussion forum will be considered a malicious attempt to abuse and damage the site.


1. No personal attacks on another individual user. Personal attacks DO NOT include a disagreement with another poster's views. Users understand that professional disagreement and professional argument are a part of the learning process. Personal attacks include such things as calling a poster ignorant, unprofessional, etc. These posts will be removed as soon as they are seen.

2. No attacks on a private entity that could be construed as "defamation." No attacks on any individual person, whether in a private or public position, that could be construed as "defamation." These posts will be removed as soon as they are seen.

3. No vulgar language.

4. No commercial advertisements.

5. No spamming. One example of spamming is the repetitive posting of a link to lead users to the linked website.

6. No political content including favoring an elected official, party, or political organization.

7. No attacks on a country, on a religion, on a person's sex, on a person's physical characteristics, on a person's country of origin, etc.

8. No straying from contracting or federal assistance issues. All discussions must be related, in some way, to contracting or assistance issues and must remain on topic.

9. No copyright infringement. This includes the copying of a copyrighted item and pasting it verbatim in a post. For example, do not copy and paste press releases, news articles in their entirety, etc. If you wish to note a copyrighted item, highlight it, and provide a link to the full copyrighted document so that the copyright holder is identified.

10. No self-serving posts that are little more than an attack on an individual.

11. No disclosure of proprietary business data or source selection sensitive information. Examples used in discussions are to be discussed in a hypothetical format.

12. No stalking of another poster. This means do not constantly contest posts by another poster from one thread to another.


The goal of this forum is to enhance the contracting community by improving the competence of its individual users. To do that best, please post citations to laws, regulations, and decisions in your posts. Since federal service is non-partisan, politics cannot be discussed.

Additional rules will be added when necessary.

If you have any questions, send a note to admin

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