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Found 3 results

  1. Department of Defense uses form DD2579, Small Business Coordination Record, in accordance with DFARS 219.201 and DFARS PGI 253.219-70. (1) What other forms do civilian, non-DoD agencies use to document the contracting officer's decision re: small business set-asides and coordination with the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization? DHS? VA? NASA? Energy? GSA? (2) Do any frogs have Internet links to see these documents in PDF or Word? From this thread, PepeTheFrog sees that GSA uses the "2689."
  2. I have a services requirement for a lab study that is under tight time constraints. The lab study requires collection of soil samples prior to winter conditions. Before soil samples can be collected, there is various work that must be conducted in sequence. If we can set aside exclusively for small business we would prefer to do so, however, we anticipate it will take vendors 20-30 days to prepare a quote and we have not yet located any small business sources. We do not have enough time for a sources sought notice followed by a 30 day solicitation. We only have time for the 30 day solicitation. My thought is to issue two solicitations for the same requirement, one set aside for small business and the other full and open. In the FBO posting I would disclose that it is being solicited under both and I would indicate that if we receive adequate competition to justify the small business set-aside, the full and open would be cancelled. If we don't have enough small business sources, any offers from small business would be considered in response to the full and open solicitation. I've read through FAR parts 5,6,7 and 10 but haven't found anything regarding multiple solicitations, specifically whether it is permitted or not. My alternative is to dissolve the small business set-aside under 6.302-2 Unusual and Compelling Urgency but I would like to keep a set-aside on the table if possible. Pertinent information: Commercial, contract value with options anticipated to be over the SAT, would be issued as a RFQ, under $250K. Requirement cannot be delayed due to EPA requirements. Any quick answers would be greatly appreciated as I only have a couple days to make the decision. My supervisor says he would back the decision unless he is able to find verbiage that forbids it.
  3. I am currently doing USG contracting overseas. I know that according to FAR 19.000(B ), small business requirements do not apply to me, however, I believe that it is good for my agency to receive credit for small business contracting we do engage in overseas. Therefore, I often have trouble filling out the SF-1449 for solicitations in this regard. I think these are questions that people contracting in the states might have as well. 1. If we do a J&A for a small business (unrelated to the fact that it is a small business), should I/can I still be checking the Small Business Set-Aside (100%) Box? 2. If we end up contracting with a small business and it wasn't originally set aside for that, can we still call it a set-aside to receive credit for the fact that we hired a small business? 3. Given that SBA is mainly interested in supporting American small businesses (though the SBA definition of a small business does not specify where the small businesses are based), would you check the box for small businesses that are not American small businesses? I was just interested in whether you had any thoughts or opinions that could help me shape how I fill out these boxes, which is a question I think about everytime I use the SF-1449. Thanks, Andrea
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