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Found 7 results

  1. I have a requirement for a follow-on contract that I am confused about what category it falls under: Supply or Service. I've read the definition of supplies in FAR Part 2 as well as the definition of Service in FAR Part 37; However, these definitions still leave me without an answer. My requirement, as I understand it, is a monthly fee for use for access to a secure Network. This is a logical network that allows us to get into different applications to meet our needs. It's essentially connectivity from our contractor to us. We maintain the equipment that allows us to access the netwo
  2. We are a telecommunications provider to the US Government and provide terrestrial data circuits to remote, and sometimes hostile, regions in the world. Under a 12-month contract, the Government requested a proposal for 12 months of service. The circuit is not considered accepted and billable until the Government performs its testing IAW the acceptance criteria. Given the regions we deliver service to, it is normal for circuit activation and testing to take three or more months from execution of a subcontract agreement to the activation and testing of the circuit. The salient poi
  3. The FAR does not seem consistent when it comes to classifying construction as either a type of service, or its own separate "construction" category outside of a service. I think this is important to know so that clause prescriptions that say "include in contracts for services" are applied appropiately to construction contracts. Here is the evidence I found to support both determinations: Evidence that construction is NOT a service:Ask a Professor: Construction is a separate entity covered in FAR Part 36 and is not considered a supply or a service (https://dap.dau.mil/aap/pages/qdetails.aspx
  4. Hello fellow contracting seniors, I am building a FFP IDIQ logistics support services contract with the intention to issue multiple IDIQ awards. The IGCE for the base year is estimated to be $10Mil and I intend to write the MAC with 4 one year options. I understand that I can do without a minimum guarantee CLIN however with such high dollar value solicitation out at the streets expecting prospective contractors to bid on it; it does seems to be of a necessity. My question in my mind is how do I determine the amount of the minimum guarantee for this MAC? My case has 29 geographical locations
  5. Scenario: Lower-tier subcontractor performing on a DO issued under the restricted suite of an IDIQ MATOC for maintenance and services. The DO contained 2 types of CLINS: 1. FFP (for preventative maintenance) and 2. T&M (for corrective maintenance). Prime contractor (Company A) submitted hourly labor rates to Govt.; the resulting award contained the hourly rates but no details are given regarding whether the rates for each labor category are for the prime or its subs. NOTE: lower-tier sub was not involved with prime contract in any capacity until well after the award. As such, it was un
  6. My agency has a requirement solely for the demolition of existing structures, with no post-demolition construction. Pursuant to FAR 37.301, this will be a service contract versus a construction contract. As such, is there a potential ADA violation if the contract is funded with MILCON funds? The demolition is included on a DD Form 1391; however, the demolition work has since been segregated from the “true” construction work. We will now be issuing two contracts, one for the demolition and one for everything else that is on the DD Form 1391. The structures to be demolished and the land it
  7. I work in a Policy Office (Army). Someone on our Contract Review team told me that Contracting Officers do not document their files on the applicability of the Service Contract Act. I use to procure services from 2006-2009 and would document the file to explain why the service that I was procuring was exempt from the Act. I cannot find whether or not it is a requirement to document the file in this manner. Am I correct that it should be documented?
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