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Found 12 results

  1. I want to run this by the forum to get a check on my reading of the new Executive Order issued on April 27, requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour to workers on a range of covered contracts for procuring services and construction. It supersedes the 2014 Obama EO that is implemented at FAR Subpart 22.19. That rule only applies to contracts covered by the Service Contract Act (for services) and the Davis Bacon Act (for construction)(see 22.903, "Applicability"). I read the new EO as applying to all contracts for services, including SCA and DB
  2. I could use some clarification. I am having trouble finding documentation on if this would be true or not. We have an existing contract that the customer added the clause in to and stating it only applies to the new CLINS added to the contract, and not the entire contract (the supplies portion).
  3. I've been handed a recently awarded GSA schedule contract, 00 CORP, which has some labor categories which are mapped to wage determination occupations. The documentation refers to to the wage determination 2015-4281, which is for Alexandria, Virginia. It does not refer to a revision number. The revision number in place now is #16, and it was in place a few days ago at the start of the schedule contract. I'm wondering how to interpret this when revisions #17 and #18 come along. Presumably they will have higher wages and H&W benefits. What will be the impact on the sche
  4. Simple question I am having the toughest time finding the answer too. As a Contracting Officer, and as a Contractor acting in a contract specialist support role, I have seen employees working under federal contracts offered a small amount of schedule flexibility within their standard 40 hour work week. Let me throw out a quick scenario to get to my point: Sally is providing basic administrative support under a services contract managed by the VA. This services contract is subject to the SCA and all employees under this contract are non-exempt. This is a FFP Labor Hour contract to
  5. Guidance on SCA/DOL Applicability The agency I work for has a general rule of thumb when assigning acquisition packages received that contain both supplies (SUP) and services (SVC) elements. The way they decide which team it gets assigned too is by looking if SVC component is more than $2,500.00 (SCA applicability threshold). If it is higher then it goes to the SVC team and if less, then it goes to the SUP team. I done some research and provided it below: Thoughts? Am I close or way of the mark? Resource for Determination: The Department of Labor (DOL) provides
  6. Agency forgot to include a wage determination in a concessions contract until several years into contract. Agency finally added the WD at DOL request. DOL seeking back wages from contractor. Contractor intends to seek equitable adjustment from Agency. We cannot find precedent for how an equitable adjustment would work in a concessions contract. Contractor earns a modest management fee as FFP % of sales and remits a similar size fee to Agency. Any ideas? Let me know if you need additional facts. And thanks for any insight you all may have for us!
  7. Have upcoming recompete of a five year (Base + four 1-year OPs) FFP commercial service requirement subject to Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS) so Contractors have right of first refusal (Non-Displacement of Qualified Workers). We just need bodies to do the work as opposed to new solutions so with that being said both current and I think preceding contracts went LPTA and thinking the same for the recompete as there is nothing really to tradeoff. Issue although not really an issue for me personally but is that I'm told some of these Contractors due to the WD positions in which they occupy
  8. I'm looking at a RFP. The Gov't wants to buy labor on an IDIQ basis anywhere in the US. One CLIN equals one labor category. The Gov't is seeking a single hourly rate per CLIN. A few wage determinations have been included in the RFP, but nowhere near all of them for the entire country. To help focus, let's say Manhattan is not covered by any of the wage determinations in the RFP. After award of the IDIQ, how would the SCA rules apply if the Gov't wants to buy labor in Manhattan?
  9. We won a SCA FFP contract for the maintenance of some sensitive equipment where the RFP stated that the hours of operation where going to be from 8:00am to 4:30pm. We have been performing for the past 2 years without issues. As a matter of convenience - at contract start up- we agreed with the COR (I KNOW) to establish two shifts one from 6:00am to 2:00pm and another one from 2:00pm to 10:00pm. Now the customer wants to change the hours of the contract from 10:00pm to 6:00am. We notify the CO that we will comply but that we will request equitable adjustment. The CO came back saying that D
  10. This is my first post, but I've read with interest a number of threads discussing similar issues. I'm excited to hear your feedback on this. I understand that 52.222-43 requires the contractor to warrant that wage escalations in the proposal do not include an allowance for adjustments that would automatically be made under -43 to compensate for revised Wage Determinations. 1. My general question is: under this FAR, when would I be allowed to escalate wages, and when would I be allowed to submit a proposal with flat wages? I'm thinking the answer turns on whether or not the wages proposed are
  11. Good afternoon, Mr. Edwards: First, let me thank you in advance, for your assistance. This site is wonderful for getting another perspective on all things Federal Government contracting. Here is my question: Recently, the Department of Labor has been conducting an audit of the Service Contract Act to ensure we have been following appropriate procedures (i.e. paying correct wage and health and welfare). Last week, we received an amendment to modify a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) through an amendment that retroactively incorporates the Wage Determination schedules for 2011 and 2012. W
  12. Good day! My question is about selecting the correct labor law to apply to a subcontractor. If the subcontractor is performing a "service" on a DBA construction site, employs no laborers, mechanics, apprentices, trainees or helpers, is the work subject to the Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act? Anxiously awaiting your response!
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