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Found 12 results

  1. Good morning, I am struggling to keep my organization from changing Release Orders under BPAs. We use BPAs to procure taxi services, printing supplies, airline tickets, order conference venues. We sign a Release Order once we know the requirements. The problem is that for some events we don’t know exactly the number of attendees. For example we place a Release Order for 50 lunches and then get an invoice for 54 lunches (as 4 more attendees showed up). The project team would like to modify the Release Order to add 4 lunches. However, in my opinion, we cannot do it and instead we need
  2. I need to stand up two BPAs - both for repairs in our local area. Probably up to $150K each for a year. We can get rates from each firm, but the calls (NTE when issued) can't be definitively priced until the heavy equipment(s) are taken apart. Anticipate two BPAs with only two local firms that do this sort of repair work. I am more accustomed to "C" type contracts and IDIQ contracts, vice BPAs What can I use for standing up two single award BPAs (can do multiple award, since we can't compete individual calls - i.e. can't price until they are taken apart)? That is, do I draft a J&A t
  3. Hello, I am having a disagreement with people in my office regarding BPA orders off of a BPA off of a GSA contract. So we established a BPA off of a GSA contract (Using Part 8). The orders placed against that BPA are sometimes for services for a 3 year period. Like a report that takes 3 years to compile. In accordance with FAR Part 17 do you have to have options on a BPA order? Or have approval for a multi-year contract? Thank you!
  4. Good afternoon. I am wondering if services can be added to a pre-existing mutiple award supply BPA, if those services are a necessary component of the supplies. According to FAR 37.102(a)(1), agencies can acquire services under a supply contract, but I am wondering if the same applies to a pre-existing BPA that does not have those services as part of the BPA. An example could be a BPA for software that requires training for new users, but the training was not included as part of the BPA itself.
  5. A single-award FSS BPA solicitation asks for both labor categories at the BPA level, discounted from offeror’s GSA FSS, and pricing for certain initial and sample BPA orders based on further discounts from the BPA level labor category rates. There are both fixed price and labor hour BPA orders. While some labor categories for the BPA level are suggested, offerors are free to add their own labor categories at the BPA level for their offers. So different offerors may have different BPA labor categories. The evaluation critera and award basis states that source selection will be conducted using
  6. Here's the situation: I'm looking at awarding multiple FAR 13 Blanket Purchase Agreements for the repetitive purchases of commodities well below the micro-purchase threshold. The commodities being purchased all perform the same general function, but they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We don't know what exact item we need until the actual need arises, preventing the consolidation of orders. No single purchase will exceed the micro-purchase threshold, and the total value of all purchases made under each BPA is reasonably expected to exceed $500,000. How does the Buy
  7. I work for a federal agency and need to establish a few BPAs for lab services. I found several small businesses and one university that can perform these services. For one specific analysis that is often required, the client believes the university does the service best. Q: Does anyone know if I am prohibited from establishing a BPA with a university? The university is in Sam.Gov as a "state entity" and they have competitive pricing. I understand that I cannot consider them under a small business goal. But, other than that, I can't find anything that actually prohibits me from making one of
  8. My agency has determined that it's necessary to synopsize and compete BPAs established under FAR Part 13. Nowhere in FAR 13.303-2 does it state that you're required to synopsize, and--even though FAR 13.303-3 allows for the establishment of one BPA--FAR 13.303-5© states that the existence of a single BPA does not justify purchasing from one source (and where only one BPA exists, you must seek competition outside of the BPAs or establish new BPAs). I was brought up in contracting with the understanding that BPAs are just that--agreements. They are not contracts, and they are not binding. Th
  9. My agency advertises and awards multiple BPAs for various commercial resource categories (under Part 12 and 13 procedures). The following factors are used to evaluate quotes for BPA establishment: (i) operational acceptability of equipment/resource offered to meet the Government requirement (ii) price reasonableness (iii) past performance dependability risk (high, low, or unknown based upon customer satisfaction as reflected in evaluations received for the quoter and other related experience within the past 36 months, compliance with Federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and quoter’
  10. My company was awarded an IDIQ from the Gov't as part of a multiple prime IDIQ vehicle. We are currently weighing whether to issue our subcontractors a BOA or an IDIQ. Since each task order at the prime level (there are multiple primes) will be competed and our team will need to stay very flexible in order to win, I believe that a BOA would probably be more appropriate than an IDIQ Subcontract. We envision that labor rates within the established labor categories for each task order will need to be different depending on the SOW and the price to win. If we used an IDIQ in lieu of a BOA then
  11. Can one protest a BPA (off the FSS) even though no TO/PO have been issued?
  12. We have a BPA issued under FAR Part 8 for software maintenance with several options years and we're in the last option year. Throughout each option year we're in the practice of issuing calls with firm requirements and also including option items within the same call due to lack of funding. When I questioned why we didn't issue a separate Call when funding became available (instead of including options) I was told that a call is a "contract" and "contracts" can have options. I'm not use to seeing this practice but I can't find anything in the regs that say we can't do this. Thoughts/comme
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