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  1. Sorry for bringing this one back to life because it seems to be answered. However, my office just went through a similar question and what I had found, that isn't mentioned here, is the delegation letter should be sent to the payment office showing that the COR has approval to accept/reject. How the payment office would know otherwise is a seperate matter.
  2. Hello All, I saw that there was a similar topic, but it didn't have to do with closeout. I have a $7million commercial FFP contract with a CLIN to reimburse travel costs as an NTE for $105K and an ODC (reimbursable costs) CLIN as an NTE for $250K. When it comes to closeout, am I bound by the FAR timeline for FFP (6months) or Cost (36 months) seeing that there are cost clins? I've been told that if there is anything to do with cost reimbursement you treat it like a cost type contract. Just seems like small money compared to the overall contract to keep it open for so long because we don't have rates settled for the year the costs were incurred. Thanks for the help.
  3. Another thing to consider, what is the color of this money and when does it cancel? I wouldn't be happy if I were the PCO and had to find current year funding to pay for something that was obligated 8-10+ years ago..
  4. Just curious, but do you know if the Prime did any type of price analysis or if the work was competed?
  5. Thank you for posting this link!
  6. I would think the ACO would handle the work in concert with the PCO. In most cases, the funding is with the PCO. From DFARS Clause 252.217-7028 The Contractor and Administrative Contracting Officer shall mutually agree to procedures for Government administration and Contractor performance of over and above work requests. If the parties cannot agree upon the procedures, the Administrative Contracting Officer has the unilateral right to direct the over and above work procedures to be followed. These procedures shall, as a minimum, cover—
  7. Some companies charge a material handling fee. Made up of storing, moving and protecting costs. This is usually seen in a cost type contract.
  8. Charles, is there a Legal Office you could talk to or maybe an Ethics Officer?
  9. I thank all of you for your responses. Looks like we'll treat it as an allowable cost. Navy, 52.216-7 is in the contract. The only language that speaks to new wage determination is the section I quoted above from 52.222-41. Retreadfed, Cost Management is one of many categories used for the award fee. I have to say it is a very well written award fee plan and you bring up a great point for the award and past performance. Our office has gone from treating the contractors like enemies to a more group hug agency. Vern, I need a beer. Earned Value is being used. Thanks BR.
  10. Hello, I stumbled across the website and feel like I've hit the lottery with all the great info and advice. Thank you for having me. I have a question, I'm administering a large dollar, multi year Cost Plus Award Fee contract for services and it has the clause 52.222-41 Service Contract Act of 1965. The Contractor wants to know if there are any indirect costs that can be included in a request for equitable adjustments under a wage re-determination? I've scoured through the clause and it doesn't speak to it. Clause 52.222-43 Fair Labor Standards Act and Service Contract Act?Price Adjustment (Multiple Year and Option Contracts) and 52.222-44 Fair Labor Standards Act and Service Contract Act?Price Adjustment specifically state that there will be no G&A, Overhead, or profit in any price adjustments. I realize these 2 clauses are used with a Fixed Price service contract and they don't apply to my situation. However, 52.222-41 states If the term of this contract is more than 1 year, the minimum monetary wages and fringe benefits required to be paid or furnished thereunder to service employees under this contract shall be subject to adjustment after 1 year and not less often than once every 2 years, under wage determinations issued by the Wage and Hour Division. Because it doesn't specifically say "no Overhead" can it be included? Thank you for time.
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