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  1. See FAR 4.704 Calculation of retention periods. I would also recommend reading FAR 4.703 Policy.
  2. dakrtgrl, I had 7 years of DOD 1102 experience, Level III certified, and was a GS13 when I started looking for private sector jobs earlier this year. I'm also in the DC area. It really depends on the company. Larger companies tend to offer slightly less. I was offered $120k at one small business consulting firm (this amount was before negotiations) with 100% medical and dental benefits. That said, they didn't win the contract that they thought they would so they had to cancel the job offer. I ended up taking a GS14 with another federal agency. Less pay than the private sector, but more job security. :-)
  3. Don- Yes, I believe that there is a need for it. Are you envisioning something like the Contract Attorney's Deskbook?
  4. Yes. Only if Smallco was prejudiced (i.e., if the SBA actually found the awardee to be other than small). See Jensco Marine, Inc., B-278929.7, February 11, 1999:
  5. Joel, no. There is a larger overall project. These two buildings are additions to the main (much bigger) project under the Changes clause. I guess what confused me was the KO's use of the word UCA. The office (that I'm working at now) considers an Unpriced Change Order a type of UCA even though the definition of a UCA under DFARS 217.7401(a)(3) clearly excludes Unpriced Change Orders.
  6. Joel, I apologize for not responding to your question sooner. I haven't been on WIFCON for a while and didn't realize that there were additional responses/questions to the initial question. I previously stated that my KO is leaning towards a UCA. After further discussion with my KO this week, what was actually meant is an Unpriced Change Order to get the work started since we already have a contract in place for the prime to perform the work. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.
  7. joel, wouldn't we still need the design of the second building to be completed before the contractor can price its construction (either as a separately funded option or CLIN)?
  8. We have a requirement to construct two buildings for two completely different uses on one piece of land. The buildings are not too far apart, so from an engineering standpoint, it would make sense to excavate the land at the same time for the construction of these two buildings to ensure that the excavation for one building does not undermine the area for the second building. The design for one of the buildings is almost complete, while it would take several more months to complete the design of the second building. To ensure that we stay on schedule, excavation needs to begin in a few months. Given that we have the design for one out of the two buildings and we know that we need to excavate the land for the construction of both buildings, what would be the best course of action to take (contractually)? (My KO is leaning towards a UCA to allow us to start excavation for both buildings and construction of one of the two buildings while we wait for the final design of the second building to definitize it.) Could excavation be considered a severable service? I am with the DoD and am new to construction contracting, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Don, were you able to find out anything else about why things are done that way?
  10. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I have really learned a lot on this forum. My CO asked me to research that question since he was not sure himself, but we ended up not taking the commercial route because he was able to locate another contract that we were able to order off of. Thanks again for a valuable lesson (and the fruitcake tip )!
  11. If work has to be accomplished IAW military specification, does that automatically make it a non-commercial item? Thanks in advance.
  12. I don't see how that information would be prohibited from release. If you go to www.fbo.gov and search for an opportunity, there is even an "Interested Vendors List" tab that displays the names and contact information of the interested vendors.
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