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  1. See. PGI 225.7002-1. "The Federal Supply Classes listed in paragraph (a)(2)(A) of this subsection also contain items that are not clothing, such as— (1) Visors; (2) Kevlar helmets;
  2. We have a BPA that we want to award for a 5 year period. There is a disagreement in my office as to whether or not to include option years in a BPA or to simply identify the PoP as being 5 years. I don't see the need to add option years. Thoughts?
  3. See FAR 4.101, "The contracting officer normally signs the contract after it has been signed by the contractor."
  4. DFARS 252.236-7007 states .... (2) The low offeror shall be the Offeror that— (i) Is otherwise eligible for award; and (ii) Offers the lowest aggregate amount for the first or base bid item, plus or minus (in the order stated in the list of priorities in the bid schedule) those additive or deductive items that provide the most features within the funds determined available. (3) The Contracting Officer shall evaluate all bids on the basis of the same additive or deductive items. (i) If adding another item from the bid schedule list of priorities would make the award exceed the available funds
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