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  1. Although belated, I want to thank Vern and Woops85 for the help on this subject. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and history on these topics. It is invaluable for those of us learning today. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Vern! Myself and my colleague, both graduates of different contract internship programs, have heard this in our seperate training but we were unable to find it referenced. It is still being taught. I will search the archives as you suggest. Thanks for your help!
  3. Myself and another Contract Specialist have been unable to find a FAR source for the following..."Once a product or service has been acquired successfully on the basis of a set-aside, the CO shall make every effort to ensure that future purchases for that product or service are acquired using set-aside procedures." Is there a reference? Thanks All.
  4. Question: I am a contracts intern and I have completed a Lowest Price technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection in which only one offeror was technically acceptable, out of three (3), and by coincidence was also the the lowest price. Prior to award is it improper to ask the winning Contactor if he would consider lowering his proposed price? His current price is fair and reasonable. I'm just not satisfied unless I know I have got my lowest price. I dont want to jeopardize what has already been an easy procurement with a protest, and I dont want to open up discussions with the other contractors who were not technically acceptable. What are your thoughts?
  5. Thanks, I normally would seek local guidance, but he is out this week and I am out next week. I was hoping to leave something on his desk for review.
  6. Napolik, Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, you are correct, I have found guidance on the template provided by the Marine Corps but, the "if applicable" caveat seems to raise its head throughout the directions. This is the part that is throwing me for a loop. The sample BCMs, I have managed to collect, have a lot of material that common sense tells me I dont need to include in mine...but I don't want to use my common sense and get stepped on, so I am hoping I can get advice on what is the most critical information needed and I don't get too wordy. I guess what I am looking for is to see if a streamlined BCM exists for such situations; We intend to award without discussions. Thanks for yout help.
  7. I am a contrats specialist intern with the Marine Corps and attempting to complete my first BCM. I have been told this BCM should be relatively easy but the samples I have available are from extremely large and more complicated aquisitions. The template I have to follow applies to all BCMs so there are parts I am sure are not applicable to me. I am looking for a sample BCM that is closer to my situation, or advice on what parts are applicable for my situation. Here are the facts: LPTA; commercial item; competitive; three proposals recieved; One proposal passed technical evaluation; Two proposals did not. The proposal that passed technically is also the lowest priced. Determining who to award to is easy; constructing a proper BCM is my problem. I appreciate all help. BoomerMan...(ex-bubblehead)
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