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  1. It's hard for me to imagine a team of Lockheed and Boeing doing anything for a mere 10% profit. Unless you mean the "profit" declared in reports to DCAA.
  2. I'm an old guy with a bad memory, but I think the requirement to register with FBO in order to be listed as an interested vendor goes back at least 5, maybe 10 years. PBK, if you want to do a sole source, and the rationale is weak sauce, you could unduly restrict competition by limiting access to information for anyone but your preferred source. Fewer chances of a protest. Or, if there is a history of improper collusion among bidders on a requirement, not telling bidders who their competition is could help. Otherwise, go ahead and open the door up to competition, if you believe competition
  3. from the article, this is a gambit, a negotiating tactic. There's a lot of money involved. NASA has a history of greatly overpaying in order to keep contracts inside their small fraternity. Elon Musk is a threat.
  4. contact the CO, ask if they will respect the rights you want in any I P developed.
  5. so, I've seen those extravagant proposals from both sides. For PAE, I was the technical lead writer on a proposal that won a $ 57 M Base Ops contract in the early 1990's. In the early 2000's, I was the BUDS (Small Biz Specialist) reviewing SB aspects of proposals for the largest Kt in the Dept of the Interior, $ 300+ M over 5 years. . . Your Offerors believe that the "how awesome we are" stuff is what ultimately decides who gets the contract. You say you don't believe it, and I believe you. But I think yer wrong. . ps: based on my anecdotal experience, I think it is rare for a government
  6. its much worse than that report suggests. Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan often tell those of us who never went there how they, their unit and the US Army won the battles they were involved in, or would have won, if only this or that. To a disinterested observer, I think its clear we lost both wars. But soldiers in the field get fed so much baloney by their Chain of Command that they eventually come to believe it. The problem is with the Generals. The last honest one was canned in 2002 for saying the invasion of Iraq would not be a cake walk. The other Generals saw what happene
  7. as a firm believer in the Protest as a tool to get relevant information that was not provided in a debriefing, but should have been, I am confident that a protest in this matter would be timely. Heck, they just learned why they would want to protest 2 days ago. One can argue that, by not requesting a debriefing, they might have learned this info at some earlier date, but didn't due to their failure. But try to fix that date when they would have been debriefed, and then add 10 days. GAO has said that not giving a debriefing is not protestable. Try to show that they would have learned the
  8. There is no "8(a) program." you may be thinking of the "8(a) small business development program." Under that program, if you are not small in the NAICS for the particular requirement, you are not eligible to compete. But if you do submit a bid, you are tacitly representing that you are small in that NAICS. That is enough to kick you out of the program. On the other hand, maybe nobody will notice.
  9. last week, I saw a notice posted to FBO that said a particular sole source award to a fortune 500 company was also a SBSA. I cannot provide the services called for, but emailed the CO to point out that this company, whose name is known to everyone in the USA, had over $ 30 Billion in turnover last year, while the relevant size standard was under $ 30 Million. I sent her a link to back that up. The CO replied that the company had self-certified as small, so she was covered. So I copied the SBA PCR in the town where that corporation was based. Noting the self-certification, If I had a proble
  10. well of course there needs to be a free flow of information between a requiring activity and their preferred vendor. Who do you think is going to write the narrative for the sole source justification ? It won't be the COTR.
  11. my opinion, not based on any citation or research, is that the only real problem with unbalanced pricing is the potential to pay too much too soon, where the Contractor has collected way more than their effort to date is worth, tempting the rare contractor to walk away with the job not finished. I've only personally seen that once, in USGS, many years ago, on an 8(a) sole source, but the memory sticks with me.
  12. and I am entitled to my opinion, which is that Small Businesses could easily fulfill 50% of all procurement needs, services, supplies and construction, government-wide. The overall Goal of 23% is insulting. .
  13. yeah, Bob, when they finish that thing, they say I can get an appointment to see a Cardiologist for my heart attack. . I'm holding my breath.
  14. you are proving just how right I am, when I say "perhaps the leading voice ..." thnx for the clarification. I'm involved right now with a case where an Agency sole-sourced to the COTR's friend. Skewed my perspective.
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