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  1. 15 minutes ago, ji20874 said:

    This is an area where I think we shoot ourselves in the foot, so to speak.  

    We should provide Government property to the contractor -- then, the contractor is responsible for tracking it.  When the Government foolishly (my opinion) hand receipts property directly to a contractor employee, are we subverting/avoiding all of the Government property clauses in the contract?  

    We should provide Government property to the contractor, not to the contractor employee (my opinion).

    i agree with you and thats what i think happened in this situation, i believe that the supervisor had "hand receipted" the laptops to the contractor employees. at a  minmimum a dd-1149 should have been used to issue the laptops to the contractor. as another comment indicated depending on the value of the laptops would determine if they need to be entered into an APSR...

  2. Looking for some assistance and advice.

    i am a COR working for the DoD - Army. i am currently advising a fellow COR on a contract in which laptops are issued to the contractor. The laptops are hand receipted to a GS 14/15 and then were given to the contractors to use. The laptops are used for official business and are with the contractors at all times. These laptops weren't issued via a dd-1149 nor are any inventories being done. i don't believe the contractor even knows how many they have. the following clauses are within the contract.









    i know that my fellow COR will have to issue a dd-1149 but do these laptops need to go into a APSR?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Dave T,


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