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  1. Sorry for the delay in response! So in this case, the medical group ordered the wrong item, the vendor sent what the medical group ordered, then the medical group realized they ordered the wrong thing and sent it back. I can't speak for when payment occurred as I have never worked in ECATS and I'm not sure how their billing works. This whole situation fell into our hands in contracting when the medical group realized they wouldn't be able to make the new purchase in ECATS.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions, they're much appreciated! I'll try to be clearer in any future posts! Mr. Edwards to answer your question -this situation boils down to a competition issue in my eyes. I reached out to the vendor issuing the credit and they communicated that the credit could not be applied to a new purchase in ECATS. I've actually never worked in the ECATS system though, so I do think I'll reach out to their help desk for clarification on that as it does seem odd.
  3. Our medical group is who originally made the ECATS purchase. They are coming to us in contracting for help because the credit is around 43k and the remaining cost on the order is going to be 23k.
  4. Looking for help with an odd situation! Our MDG ordered some items from a US Company through ECATS. When it arrived they realized it was the wrong thing and sent it back to the vendor. The vendor gave them a credit for the returned items and they are reaching out to us to help them purchase new stretchers from that same company in order to utilize the credit. They cannot make this purchase over ECATS. My CO's concern is that we cannot just directly award to this vendor without competition. I'm not sure what the best method to make this purchase is.
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