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  1. We have an IDIQ task order that was funded in FY20 for professional medical services with approximately 66 SLINS.  There are approximately 6 SLINS that exceeded funding totaling about $62K.  There is over $1.6M left on the task order.  It is past it's PoP and since the overall effort did not exceed the funding we want to move money from some of overfunded SLINS to cover the under funded SLINS but we're being told that since the increase in the under funded SLINs happened in FY21 we need to get FY21 funds to cover.  So in essence we'll be removing over $1.6M in FY20 funds and then requesting $62K in FY51 funds.  This doesn't seem to make since because we didn't exceed the overall known requirment for medical professionals.  Any thoughts??  

  2. We awarded a delivery order off of the NASA SEWP contract for the purchase of support for commercial software.  We purchased it as a product since the support was cataloged priced and we are charged by the pre-priced hour for this support.  Now we are in an internal debate if this is a service that would require a PWS, RAD and everything that goes with a service contract for support that will go away once the software is successfully integrated to meet our needs.  Going the service route could severely hamper the flexibility that the current award has.  PSC code 7A20, a product code, reads delivered by perpetual license, consisting of analysis, development, code, test and release packages associated wit application development projects.  It seems to me that more and more software companies are offering this type of assistance as a commodity but we need something to justify purchasing it this way.  

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