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  1. Culham, Yes all the clarifications were in writing, clarified by the CO during the proposal stage. Below are the extracts from the instruction to offerors: "Any questions related to specific terms and conditions contained within the solicitation should be resolved prior to submission of an offer" "Failing to submit or completely fill out attachments properly may result in rejection of the offer without further evaluation. Therefore, offerors are urged to follow instructions and raise questions through inquiries if instructions are not understood." Please refer the
  2. Hi Joel... Let me describe the case clearly. I am from the Contractor side. Original solicitation SOW section states that "The Contractor shall provide and install all communications equipment including but not limited to outside plant conduit, pull-strings, manholes handholes, interior conduit, and junction boxes for future installation of voice/data jacks per the provided plans and specifications" Solicitation drawing shows telecommunication panel in electrical room. But there was no relevant specification for communication system (Div.27). So as guided by the RFP, we ask
  3. Sorry it is my mistake, it should be 'NOT accepting'
  4. But, we are in the post award stage
  5. In many federal contracts as per the instruction to offerors, during the proposal stage, the bidders are advised to send their questions related to the RFP vide 'projnet' online portal and the same is answered by the Government there itself. This online portal is accessible to all the bidders who are bidding for that project and all the bidders are submitting their offer accordingly. But not all the clarifications given to the bidders inquiry in the projnet portal are updated on the specifications or drawings through an official amendment to the RFP due to the time constraints during the biddi
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