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  1. DAU: We are making heavy use of DAU resources, but I don't know if we've seen this one. I'll pass it along. :) NCMA: I believe our CEO attends this conference. I bet there'll be good resources there. Thanks! Yikes, that's a complex query. :)
  2. We do plan on returning related content, both rules/regulations and GAO decisions. As long as we return appropriate results, I don't suspect that the splitting of he groupings will be a problem. But I'll pass this advice on to the developers. Thanks! Thanks -- I've been passing this along to the data scientists. if it's not too much trouble, can you share an example of one of these edge cases?
  3. You've really hit on one of the things our data scientists have been wrestling with. We have a plan in place so that the "right" rules/regs will appear even if the user doesn't search for the "exact" terms that happen to be in the rule/reg. We have. Our company is referenced in that article.
  4. Thanks, Ibn -- Yeah, you've really hit the nail on the head, regarding how people ask questions. We're hoping that our system will be good at pointing users to the right rules/regs, and we hope to have a bit of training on what an effective query could be shaped like. If you have any insights on Best Practices or pitfalls to be avoided, I'd be grateful. Not yet. We're a very small company (under 25 employees) mostly made up of data scientists and software engineers. Which is why I've begun this User Research. In past roles, I've been able to effectively learn about dozens
  5. WIFCON community, My team is in the second phase of a product specifically built for 1102s (Contract Specialists and Contract Officers), to help them efficiently identify rules/regulations/etc. that address questions that come up during their work, including: procurement of supplies, services, construction, or research & development evaluation of contract price proposals, and the administration or termination and close out of contracts. While designing this tool, we've found it challenging to find & run our prototypes by folks whose job it is to reference
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