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  1. Has anyone have any experience issuing a Modification under: 52-212-4 (i)(1) (i) Payment.- (1) Items accepted. Payment shall be made for items accepted by the Government that have been delivered to the delivery destinations set forth in this contract. I am curious if 52-212-4 (i)(1) could be apply to deobligate funds, for task orders under FFP requirement contracts when the Gov didn't exercised the entire quantity of a CLIN? ROD
  2. In the DOD the RPA is found / utilize throughout PCF. Correct? ROD
  3. I like to heard more about Routine Performed Actions (RPA). To be honest this is the first time I read about it and question why our offices DOD offices are not using sometime like that? I agree with formerfed; it makes complete sense from an IDIQ point of view. Is RAP also being used by DOD? ROD
  4. Trish, Just be careful with 52.232-18. The RX states: 32.706-1 Clauses for contracting in advance of funds. (a) Insert the clause at 52.232-18, Availability of Funds, in solicitations and contracts if the contract will be chargeable to funds of the new fiscal year and the contract action will be initiated before the funds are available. Base on my interpretation this only applies for new fiscal year. Therefore, if we are in the middle of (e.g., MAY and the Option is been exercised but only few of the CLIN's are needed. 52.232-18 will not do us any good. Any tho
  5. Haaaaa yes! It was. Everything is well. I love my career field, best decision ever. I have five more active duty years to go or maybe more...who knows. I am a KO and work at compliance and policy for my BDE. I love it! ...Learning a lot, it is a non stop searching. Thank you for everything and more. I know I am new on the site, but I hope to stick in for a long time. Best forum ever. If you ever need anything I am here. V/R ROD
  6. I am confuse.... Please help me understand your scenario. Is this a master BPA and now your office is ready to issue a BPA call? You mentioned Options and I got sidetracked. What do you mean by CBA ? What does the FAR 22.1002-2 Wage determinations based on prevailing rates has to do with all this? I am just curious, thank you. ROD
  7. Trish, Our Service Division Office deals with scenarios like yours on a daily basis. We work on many Requirements Contracts including priced CLIN's etc... To answer your question: Should unfunded CLINS remain unexercised until funds are available or should they be opened (exercised) and fund them later if needed? If unfunded CLINs aren't exercised by the time the pop stars, can they be exercised later and funded or are they terminated because they weren't exercised by the date the period of performance began? Yes! leave the unfunded CLIN's alone until: a) the Requiri
  8. Thank you Don. I am so happy to know you still around. You was my instructor for CON 090 back in 2014 in Utah ..."I think 2014"...and later I saw you again for FAR Bootcamp 2016 in Kuwait. Great times! I appreciate all your teaching and more. ROD
  9. This sounds like EOFY, IT CHESS every year kind of issues. Vendors take more than what they can provide, then Government sits on false delivery hopes. Shame on the entire acquisition team for waiting that long. Issued unilateral MOD to add all the time plus one day. After that day, Terminate for Cause (T4C) then turn around and make a real difference by completing an honest Contractor Performance Report (CPR). ROD
  10. If is a contract it will be a Modification and not an Amendment. When it comes to cell phones first and must I hope your office is using the mandated Spiral3 through the Navy. Cellphones are in that blurry line between service and supplies. I think you should be able to modify the contract to reflect actual need. This should not interrupt the service part for the rest of your cellphones. And you should be able to keep the devices if you already paid for it (look at your CLINs) if not it could be that you rent them so you may have to give them back to the vendor...All depends how it
  11. Please don't ever take this site away.....We need it! Thank you for all your support and everything! Wifcon Rocks ROD
  12. Kind of late for the party, however I will like to know if the program was actually created or what to follow. I need something like this for my office. We have few new civilians and 51C and again looking completely lost. ROD
  13. Guys & Gals This is a question I have based on my current contracting center procedures on reporting Manual Action - Standalone CAR's for BPA calls under $10K. Keeping in mind that we are located overseas, FAR 7.107 Service Contract Labor Standards does not apply for services contract therefore our micropurchase threshold for services is bumped to $10K. So, why do we report Manual Action Report - Standalone CAR's for BPA calls under $10K? When: *** PGI 204.606 Reporting data. (A) An individual CAR is required to be reported for each of the following types of
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