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  1. Thanks Jacques! I went to the Code of Federal Regulations site: https://gov.ecfr.io/cgi-bin/ECFR?page=browse and couldn't find the FAR clauses. Can you send me the link? Many Thanks!
  2. Simple question: I've noticed some sites list what appear to be the latest FAR updates, yet at other times, another site will list something more recent and it goes back and forth. What site is the actual final authority on the latest FAR updates? Thanks!
  3. Hi Neil - I'm referring to the Gov't prime contract when I mentioned the task order was extended for 6 months as a result of FAR clause 52.217-8. Yes, 52.217-8 is in the prime contract. I'm not at work right now, but will check if the Subcontract lists that FAR clause too. Good point. If not, I will mod it. But, I'm assuming it's there as long as the Subk included the flow downs. I wasn't there when the Subk was created. Thanks again :-)
  4. Thank you C. Culham and Neil Roberts! Just a little background: I'm very new to this company and trying to figure out what had been done in the past and putting the pieces together. The most recent mod from the Gov't states that the mod is to Exercise FAR clause 52.217-8 to extend the task order for 6 months. Yes, they did provide pricing to the Gov't for the "extension". The Prime contract has a Base period + 2 option periods. The Subcontract lists a Base Period and 2 Option periods as well. I will request pricing from the Sub for this 6 month extension.
  5. Currently, we are in Option Year 2 on a Federal Gov't contract. We have been extended for 6 months after Option Year 2 with the latest mod. I'm issuing a mod to a Sub for this same effort and what should I call this action since there is no mention of Option Year 3? Option period 2 extension? Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, I did check the FAR and DFAR clauses in the BOA and no luck there. @ji20874 Do you think it would be useful to request consent from the CO to issue the press release at all? Just so all bases are covered or just move forward like you mentioned earlier?
  7. We would like to issue a press release yet there is no guidance on publicity in the BOA for this BOA win. Is there somewhere else we should be looking for that language connected with this BOA? Or does this mean that we can issue the press release as we choose? Thank you.
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