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  1. http://saveaward2012.ideascale.com/
  2. IDEASCALE SUBMISSION: Prayer For those that believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit cares about such matters: Pray and check out the community of Faith at Work at https://connections.usda.gov Tag words: energy resources procurement all agencies all federal agencies efficiency Comment: would you please be so kind to advise why you have used PROCUREMENT as a tag for your submission? I'm not sure how the two connect? Response: Gladly. Procurement is the act of procuring, or obtaining or getting by effort, care, or the use of special means. That effort, care, or special means for the acquisi
  3. Federal employee submissions to the Administration are quite interesting, and include: -Federal-wide Acquisition System: Rather than each Federal entity continuing to buy and maintain its own acquisition system, which typically cost several million dollars to purchase plus millions more in ongoing maintenance of each system, the Federal Government (OMB or another entity) could purchase on behalf of all Agencies and Departments a Federal-wide web-based version available to all federal contacting entities. This would save millions of dollars, create large economies of scale and increase efficien
  4. I agree that the goal give something to work towards. I just looked at the overall Gov't achievements, and if you subtract DOD and DOE from the equation, the rest of the government obligations come to 30% (if I did my math correctly). I think DOD does pretty good with their achievements based on the programs they support. It looks like DOE has the most work to do.
  5. There is nothing that prohibits us from signing vendor agreements. I've incorporated vendor documents in my order/contract (as Timbuk2 did) and at times, I have signed their agreement referencing our order/contract number and adding the citation that should any discrepancy in the terms and conditions arise, those of the Federal Government shall take precedence. I'll also redact such things as "...the laws of the state of XXXX shall govern this agreement..." It should be rare, however, that we sign vendor agreements, and should work to resolve the issue to get the vendor to agree to our terms a
  6. Statutorily, the Federal Government has a goal of awarding 23% of its prime contracts to small business concerns. Having reviewed the scorecards that were just released http://www.sba.gov/content/small-business-procurement-goaling-scorecards and reading the various commentaries about how the goal has not been met for 10 or more years, makes me wonder if 23% is an unrealistic goal? There are enough laws, regulations, policies and procedures to choke an elephant that apply to procuring the goods and services needed by the government, and giving preference to small businesses, and those in the s
  7. So much is being said about an upcoming sequestration, and I'm not sure what to think about it. (Mostly because I don't really understand it) Typically we end up in a Continuing Resolution situation from one FY to the next FY. But this talk about sequestration sounds so much more serious and detrimental. Probably pretty much a dumb question on my part, but can someone simply state how terrible a sequestration would be? When is the last time we have had a sequestration...if ever? Just trying to learn something new. Thank you in advance.
  8. very interesting article. Here is a response, from a different slant, based on a very recent experience. CS and CO work with end-user to determine the acquisition strategy for a requirement. Due diligence is done, market research, resources, internal/external contract vehicles available, etc. Everything is hunky dory with our plan, which because of the $$ magnitude, must go through channels to the HCA for approval to proceed. Agency Procurement Manager is opposed to the strategy no reason given. Even though our proposed strategy is one of efficiency, meets competition and parity goals, etc. Ev
  9. good to know. I agree, we are all tremendously busy. I also thought it was a kind of cumbersome survey.
  10. it appears there is very low responsiveness to the FAI 2012 Workforce Survey. To date, only 7% of 71,000 civilian acquisition workforce members have participated, not sufficient for valid results. Any ideas about why there is such a lack of responsiveness? http://www.fai.gov/survey/index.php?sid=45615〈=en
  11. I'm on my way out of the field, by way of retirement after 30 years. The learning takes time and most of it will be on-the-job. I very much learned from others who were willing to take me under their wing. And your career is going to be what you make of it. The interesting thing is that so much continues to change. The range of items I have acquired through the years (from typewriters to IPADs), as well as the range of people I have worked for and with, have held my interest. You can learn and perform pretty much by rote if you desire that route. But, digging into the depths of the organizati
  12. We have been told, by our Directorate, to compete and comply with FAR for our telecommunication requirements, including cell phones and revenue meters. Not sure that is completely accurate re: the previous reply and the FAR cite. However, in the end, we are acquiring the cell phone and revenue metering services under GSA contract, so all is well for us, at least. You may want to review the GSA contracts with Verizon, Sprint, Alltell, & the others.
  13. in 2002, according to FPDS, GSA PBS had a "Purchase Order" to Walters Family Partnership, in Palm Springs CA. The NAICS code used is 721120 (Casino Hotels). The amount of the "Purchase Order": $970,830.00 In 2005, according to FPDS, EEO Commission had a Definitive Contract with Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, CA. The NAICS code used is 721120 (Casino Hotels) The amount of the contract: $581,098.30 Quite a few other examples. Maybe -hopefully- these were more appropriate as far as cost and program/agenda. Sure hope so. No doubt there will be significant increased scrutiny of conferences going f
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