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  1. I think your lawyer may have been referring to "The Christian Doctrine" doesn't apply to everything. Since I'm a novice too, I'll just say you may want to look into that.
  2. Actually here_2_help, that was really helpful. I've inherited this position and am still feeling my way around. Your comment on both the FICA and the other indirect rates pointed me in the direction within our own system to see where the answer lied. I think I was just flustered by the thought of hazard pay, that it through me for a loop and I wasn't thinking clearly. They actually have hazard pay already setup within the system, and knowing my predecessor knew what she was doing I felt confident once I found the answer it was the right one. I went to the location where our allocations were s
  3. We are putting a proposal together for an SCA H&W FFP contract, that has hazardous pay differential applied to a greater portion of the hours. I think that we need to use the hazardous pay in our fringe calculation, and that overhead, G&A and fee should also be applied to it for the proposal. It will be awarded as a FFP contract with only 2 clins Labor and travel. According to the Secretary of State website “danger pay allowance shall be included in gross income for Federal income tax purposes”, therefore I think FICA taxes should be applied to it, hence its inclusion in the fringe cal
  4. I need some help interpreting Far 52.222.43. We bid on a contract which we won, only to discover afterward that the bid had wrong information in it. The fringe benefits only included the H&W amount on the WD. It had no taxes, workers comp, any other benefit like holidays, vacation nothing else. Because the WD included the EO for sick leave our bid also had the wrong hours. Now the first option has come up with a new WD attached, it increase the wages, but decreases the H&W amount. I think I am within my rights to include on the increased portion only (I think, I’d like to be able to in
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