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  1. I don't disagree with your assertion C Culham, but my response is not in regards to the overall Government procurement system, rather to this instant post wherein work is already being done (necessary or not is not the point; its in the contract) and the apparent false assumption that there is more work to do because of this revised clause. Funny thing is, no one has to do business with the Government, yet there is rarely a lack of competition for Government contracts!
  2. @mtclymer. I read this entire thread several times trying to figure out your exact concern with accepting this updated clause. It appears you are concerned with the clause's revised requirement for submitting a progress report with the voucher. Yet, you are already required in the contract to submit a progress report. So, your only concern in this entire matter is having to send the already created progress report to your billing folks so they can simply attach it to the voucher? Or, even more simply copying your billing folks on the email when you submit the progress report to the Government? Sorry if this sounds brash, but if that is the only concern, I'd venture to say you likely spent more time on this discussion thread (not to mention the back and forth with the CO) than you would have spent over the life of the contract by copying your billing folks on an already required and generated report.
  3. @Vern: I am a Contracts person and we have discussed the questions you pose. And we have asked ourselves plenty of "clear" questions. My sensitivity is that we are in the soliciation development phase and I am trying to keep this a very broad topic at this point. We would have disclaimers in the RFP about the budget profile not binding us (plus we have the various availability of funds and limtiation of funds clauses that would take effect as necessary). I also cannot speak to the reasonableness of the Government budgeting cycle! haha I am trying to see if I can compile some real-life lessons learned from folks out there to add to our ongoing analysis of this potential technique. @ji20874: This is similar to another one I have seen. Looks like this is possibly from the Air Force? Were you a part of this? How did this actually work out during the evaluation and selection phase?
  4. How did it go? Was it successful? Can I get more information (e.g, RFP)?
  5. Does anyone have any experience with providing the overall budget profile for a given procurement as part of the RFP? We typically give "plug numbers" for things such as ODCs, but this would be a "plug number" for the overall yearly budget profile for the effort. Offerors could deviate from it so long as it is supported in their proposal (e.g., they could propose lower). Please let me know.
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