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  1. It's in our Contract, so I know it applies in the sense that it was flowed down, but we competitively bid the effort, so we would be exempt from the cost or pricing data requirement. My question is would our subs/vendors be subject to is since it doesn't apply to us as the Prime?
  2. Help!! I've got two sources telling me two completely different things with regard to 52.215-12 on a large dollar FFP contract. One source says that even though 52.215-12 does not apply to us as we bid this competitively, that it does apply to any Subs/Vendors if those Subs/Vendors were not competitively bid. The other source says that since 52.215-12 does not apply to us as we were competitively bid, that it also does not apply to our Subs/Vendors. Who is right in this situation?
  3. I have received an RFP which states fee will only be allowed on Labor - 0% for ODC and materials. Does this seem right?
  4. I have a vendor that is doing some dip-coating on a program through one of our higher tier vendors. The higher tier vendor asked if the dip-coating company was ITAR registered and they are not - they are a small job shop. The Prime contract is subject to ITAR but does that mean this 3rd tier vendor needs to be? He's doing standard dip-coating on supplied parts, he isn't making the parts, just dip coating them to specs as provided.
  5. Vern, YES! That's exactly what I am wondering. Thanks!
  6. Can a Contractor reject or not accept the award of a Purchase Order from a Government Prime Contractor even if their quote is still valid? The work is under a DoD contract and being awarded by a Gov't Prime Contractor to a lower tier Contractor. The PO is under a DO-rated order as well.
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