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  1. Thanks Vern. Well, based on what we've seen, there aren't many great solutions out there, which is why so many company's use MS Word, Excel and SharePoint. Using these tools company's waste tremendous time and resources. So, yeah, we figure there is nothing to lose in trying to offer a tailored solution. Of course people can always just do more of the same, that's always a choice.
  2. I’ve worked as a contractor for the past couple of years and noticed the challenge proposal management posses to many company’s. Winning new business is extremely important, but many people work on proposals as an additional duty in conjunction with their client work. Full time proposal managers, technical writers and business development executives seem even busier, trying to keep up with the onslaught of RFP’s being released. This lead me and a friend to perform some research and talk with our friends/coworkers about their experiences. Seeing all the problems and inefficiencies, we dug
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