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  1. I see, you are correct. I am uncertain - I also know those above me are as well and have to brief senior leadership. I definitely don't doubt your expertise, so please don't take that as my intent. I think the "muddiness" I expressed is exactly because I can't find anything that says either way solidly. Thanks for the assistance!
  2. This is what I read: "What does all this signify from the perspective of obligating appropriations? As we noted at the outset, the obligational impact of a variable quantity contract depends on exactly what the government has bound itself to do. A fairly simple generalization can be deduced from the decisions: In a variable quantity contract (requirements or indefinite quantity), any required minimum purchase must be obligated when the contract is executed; subsequent obligations occur as work orders or delivery orders are placed, and are chargeable to the fiscal year in which the order i
  3. Hello, I've taken a new position and have a situation presented to me that I require some expert advice. Apparently there is a new ID/IQ about to be awarded. The RFP language states that the guaranteed minimum will be met with the issuance of TO 1 (will be a simultaneous award). I understand I we could incrementally fund - but the guaranteed minimum requirement muddies the water for me. My question is this: Does this TO 1 have to be fully funded at time of award or can we incrementally fund? (Contract type will be hybrid, funds RDT&E, Award FY16 last quarter, I'm a little
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