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  1. Thank you everyone for your valuable insight and advice.
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I have a couple questions concerning FAR 52.232-22 Limitation of Funds that I was hoping someone could answer. Does the LOF clause apply to each CLIN on a contract? In other words, if I have a contract containing a CPFF CLIN for Labor and a COST only CLIN for Travel, would I have to give separate notifications for each CLIN once 75% of the current funding is expended? Or is it based on the overall cumulative funded amount of both CLINS (Labor & Travel), in which case I would then give notice when 75% of the combined funding is expended. Is FAR
  3. Hello C. Culham, Thank you for the reply, I've attempted to answer your questions above. My answers are in bold. V/r, KR_2016
  4. Hi NJRobe, Just wanted to clarify, the Final invoice was within the funding limitation requirement set forth in the their subcontract per FAR 52.232-22 . We did not bill the Gov't for anything exceeding that funding limitation. The greater issue concerns the timeliness in which subcontracts should be closed, and I think here_2_help's advice on that issue is very helpful. V/r, KR_2016
  5. Hello Wifcon Forum Members, I've recently began reviewing a physically completed T&M/LH for closeout purposes. This particular T&M/LH contract has the following specifications under the heading "Maximum Hours and Cost" for the following two labor categories: Sr. Software Engineer - 656 hours at $/hour Program Manager - 18 Hours at $/hour A review of the contract invoices shows the following amount of Labor Hours billed/charged during the course of the contract: Sr. Software Engineer - 381 hours Program Manager - 38 hours As you can see, the SSE w
  6. Thank you for the information, here_2_help. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. V/r, KR_2016
  7. Hello here_2 _help, Would that be: 1. Yes, I can bill the 2016 final subcontractor invoice even though the 2014 prime contract ended. 2. Yes, the billed costs will show up on 2016's ICA. If the billed subcontractor costs show up on the 2016 ICA then I assume I'll have to wait until 2016 ICA audit is complete to close out the Prime Contract, correct? There is no way around that I suppose. Thank you
  8. Hello Wifcon members, I have a situation that I hope one of you can help me with. A subcontractor that worked under one of our Prime Contracts recently sent me their final invoice this month (Sept 2016), their final invoice was a rate adjustment based on their DCAA approved final indirect rates. The Prime Contract they worked under ended in 2014, but still has funding remaining on it. My questions are: Can I bill their Final Rate Adjustment Invoice against the remaining funding left on the prime contract even though the prime contract has already ended? Our prime contract co
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