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  1. Hi Don, Do you have an email for the webmaster? Since they are blocking all non .mil domains I am unable to even find contact information. The acquisition.gov site is a huge step down especially for people that have used Hill's Farsite for years. I vaguely remember you providing a pdf version of the Farsite when I took CON 090 with you in 2012, any chance you have an updated version that you could post to wifcon? Thanks, Bob
  2. Perfect! That's exactly what I will do. I hadn't heard of such an approach before. Do I get points for partially inventing it in my own world? Thanks to you both for your quick responses on this!
  3. Another issue with going unrestricted is our small business competition advocate has to sign off when we go full and open. They typically require a 30 day sources sought notice before they will green light full and open. Can you think of a reason the two solicitations violates any regs? Also, needed to mention I'm non-DOD so we're really just talking FAR rules.
  4. I have a services requirement for a lab study that is under tight time constraints. The lab study requires collection of soil samples prior to winter conditions. Before soil samples can be collected, there is various work that must be conducted in sequence. If we can set aside exclusively for small business we would prefer to do so, however, we anticipate it will take vendors 20-30 days to prepare a quote and we have not yet located any small business sources. We do not have enough time for a sources sought notice followed by a 30 day solicitation. We only have time for the 30 day solicitation
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