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  1. I've been taught two different things as far as keeping the evaluation method in the solicitation. Some people say keep it in while some say don't. To be clear, I'm referring to including the definitions of the ratings (Acceptable, Outstanding, Unacceptable, etc.) and/or notifying offerors in the solicitation whether the Agency will evaluate by color, number or some other way. DoD contracting staff seems to like putting in everything in the solicitation. However, I don't work for DoD and it appears that DoD has clearer guidelines about what quantifies as Outstanding, Acceptable, etc. which aren't often changed. At other agencies it appears it may be less clear what quantifies as "Outstanding, acceptable, etc." and in fact a technical team may want to change the definition of such things. Can I get some opinions on whether to keep the evaluation method in the solicitation or keep it out?
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