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  1. How is the Service Contract Act related to the original question? The Title II Service contractor has licensed engineers and registered architects... Crossing into different NPA or IDIQ period of performances should not be a factor but the contractor wants to incorporate their increased rates on the delivery order when Option 3 to the NPA is exercised. Is there any guidance that prohibits a modification to the delivery order to incorporate the new option 3 rates? Ultimately this is not in the best interest of the Government, but it would be nice to know this is governed by a statute
  2. I have an Non-Appropriated Purchasing Agreement (NPA) for Title II Services with the following Period of Performance: Option Year 2: 20 July 2015 through 19 July 2016 Option Year 3: 20 July 2016 through 19 July 2017 There will be a delivery order awarded against the NPA within the next few weeks, so we will be using the option year 2 pricing. The contractor is trying to incorporated "escalation pricing" in his proposal so when the option is exercised on the NPA (next month), the pricing for the order will "automatically" go into affect the same day. The period of perfor
  3. I understand the deobligation after receiving the release of claims. My main questions is, do you have to "De Scope" the project before deobligating funds because it is a FFP contract?
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