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  1. My position is that there is no good reason to disregard other proposed pricing in the MATOC pool, even if they all have not yet been determined technically acceptable. I believed the competitive pricing in my situation determined fair and reasonable. Someone disagreed. Food for thought: No, although it is preferred.
  2. First, let me say I believe that you award to the LPTA because you have competitive pricing, someone disagreed. Matthew, I would award to them if I can reasonably conclude that the offer was submitted with the expectation of competition.
  3. Awarding a competitive task order. RFP stated that TO would go to LPTA and that only the lowest priced offer would be evaluated for TA (continuing until there is a TA offer, then stop). Can the lowest price be considered fair and reasonable when you do not know if the other offers are technically acceptable?
  4. Thank you for the responses. I believe Don's response is the best guidance available. I have been able to work around the PD2 error I get when trying to apply contract level funding instead of CLIN level funding. The SPS/PD2 guide presented discusses AF policy. Does anyone know of an Army policy that restricts it?
  5. PD2 does not allow it, but I have not found any documentation that prohibits Contract Level Funding. Is there any guidance that discusses Contract Level Funding?
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