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  1. @Vern Edwards Perhaps I read too far into your post last night.
  2. LOL!! This is by far the best troll post of the year.
  3. @Vern Edwards My apologies, I didn't mean to break the rules. I was interested in hearing more about FrankJon's position... wasn't trying to critique.
  4. @FrankJon what's wrong with the "cradle to grave" practice?
  5. Terms matter in contracting... they have specific meaning, so be aware of what exactly you are saying to potential offerors/quoters when borrowing the language.
  6. Agree with FrankJon. Wage determinations are a “floor”, not sure how you are linking that to the price reasonableness of a proposal in a competitive procurement...
  7. That's a nice article, does give some hope. I starting in a contracting shop (1102), moved to the program side (343), and now do federal strategy consulting (both contracting and program office projects)... it's been very eye opening to say the least. I love learning about contracting, but my view of the profession has gone down hill in the last 5 years.
  8. The term you are trying to define is completely subjective. You haven't provided anything to support your opinion for us to analyze. The information you have provided for your client is also insufficient, as Matthew stated.
  9. Nah don't just go with the flow. Tell your client that they do not have a legitimate need, based on your opinion (supporting details not needed). Report back and let us know how it goes.
  10. Why don't you seek advice from your competition advocate or someone more senior in your organization?
  11. 6.302-3 -- Industrial Mobilization; Engineering, Developmental, or Research Capability; or Expert Services "Build industry" is very vague, is the above what they are referencing?
  12. @Don Mansfield hahahahahaha that comment made my day
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