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  1. Although this was my first post on WIFCON, I've perused the site for ten years. Vern and Don --- You gentlemen obviously truly care about this profession and I commend your service (both past and present) to mentoring us. To purchase and ship material to the newer generation speaks volumes to your sincerity. Just wanted to say "thanks", I guess.
  2. Perfect. Thank you, Vern! Although I am a noob here on wifcon, I've actually been in fed contracting for a little over 15 years. I'm always learning (and unlearning) some things so this was a fun discussion. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for this. However, I do not put it past the FAR to fall short (in some instances) of fully referencing its own precise subparagraphs. For example, the FAR frequently references text in FAR "part 16", "part 6", "part 15", etc. I know that different parties are responsible for drafting and publishing different parts of the FAR. It seems as though sometimes the scribe might be too tired or lazy to reference the precise FAR subparagraph. I will say that I can find no instance where "2.101(b)" is self-referenced within the FAR. I guess I'll continue using this format as well. I'm probably splitting hairs here. Thanks to Vern and Culham for the replies!
  4. First post here. I'm just curious - when you are referencing a definition in the FAR, do you point to "FAR 2.101" or "FAR 2.101(b)"? I've mostly seen it referenced as "FAR 2.101". However, recently, I've seen the paragraph (b) added in some literature. Initially, I didn't notice. However, when I looked at the FAR, I noticed that the definitions in FAR 2.1 do indeed start below paragraph (b). Any thoughts? Thank you.
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