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  1. No, our organization does not have an electronic system or tool that feeds to the GPE so I take it your opinion is that we cannot claim the synopsis exception? Still would be nice for someone to shed light from the drafters' perspective because the FAR language isn't clear or even needed considering the resultant synopsis would be posted to FBO regardless. The one advantage is that if you use a "system" to post your proposed contract action with a feed to FBO, then technically, per the FAR verbiage, you do NOT have to post an award synopsis in the "system" or FBO (not sure if the FAR
  2. For the orange text, as shown below, the debate surrounds trying to understand the meaning of this orange colored text. The text speaks to an exception but the second half of the sentence seems to speak to still having to post a link of some sort on FBO to access your proposed contact action that must still exist on another platform (e.g., FedBid, Agency website, etc.). Thoughts? My interpretation of this orange text is as follows: One condition for the subject exception is that your "proposed contract action" must be posted on another platform; however, the chosen platform must interface a
  3. Question 1) For a 100k SAP procurement, is a synopsis of proposed contract required? There is an exception in the FAR for the requird notice, but there has been debate regarding the meaning of the below orange text. FAR 5.202 Exception - (a) (13) The proposed contract action-- (i) Is for an amount not expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold; (ii) Will be made through a means that provides access to the notice of proposed contract action through the GPE; and (iii) Permits the public to respond to the solicitation electronically; Que
  4. Hello, I was curious if someone here wouldn't mind providing some feedback on my resume. If so, please PM me. Thank you in advance.
  5. I'd say yes, they are considered small. The Government buys things from "dealers" or "authorized re-sellers" all the time and the transaction is considered awarded to a small business as long as they are considered a small business.
  6. After Googling oversight controls for T&M contracts, I see proper oversight can include monthly meetings, travel approval procedures, deliverable review procedures, process to travel and inspect when minimum standards aren't met, etc. I guess it can be as simple as that. If anyone has anything to add, especially if they have really good procedures that worked well for them or that were innovative, feel free to respond.
  7. Thanks Vern. So, to revise my question, what are some good oversight measures that Program Managers can implement to ensure adequate oversight on complex T&M efforts? Where should these measures be described in a contract file? Should oversight measures be described in a solicitation?
  8. I recently perused the U.S. Commerce OIG report entitled "The Department’s Awarding and Administering of Time-and Materials and Labor-Hours Contracts Needs Improvement". See link below, if interested. One of the findings was that the Program Office failed to provide proper oversight of work completed under T&M tasks. Are there any sample QASPs out there for T&M work that anyone here would recommend? http://www.oig.doc.gov/OIGPublications/OIG-14-001-A.pdf Thank you in advance!
  9. Thanks Vern. I read the prescription of the clause and it says to insert the clause "in solicitations and contracts, other than those for services", so that it why I was thinking it could not be used for services.
  10. I work for a civilian agency too and actually had to go over worksheets every quarter (four times per year) with my supervisors for three years that were similar to the referenced tool. It ended up largely being a check-the box activity, and, I think, the agency's method of showing on paper that we (the entry-level workforce) "developed".
  11. What are everyone's thoughts on the below hypothetical scenario. I have a real life scenario that would benefit from the answering of the below questions. I ask these questions because I am perplexed because I think the FAR does not really address the below situation/scenario. HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: I have a contract set up as follows: (1) CLIN 00001 - Base Year (12 months) - Janitorial Services (2) CLIN 00002 - Optional Vacuuming Task (task can be ordered at any time during the first four months of the Base Year Period of Performance) (3) CLIN 00003 - Optional Cleaning Task (Wash and Rin
  12. Thanks, I actually have that edition. Was able to get it for less than $20 used recently. I'll peruse the referenced section a little bit closer in the coming days. I agree, the book is very useful. Thanks for the information.
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