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  1. As a follow up, since the forum archives are a great source of acquisition information: In a GSA Interact answer to the question, "How do I add travel costs to a services task order?" the terms and conditions below were cited after noting that costs should not be "cost-reimbursement" but a "direct reimbursable" as described in the T&C. There was also discussion of adding a FFP CLIN or NTE CLIN (as ji20874 suggested). Both the article and T&C explicitly note that travel should not be included in the offered price but priced separately. From SCP-FSS-002 (9) Travel will
  2. Excellent ideas. Thank you for the insight. I am going to investigate the options both of you have suggested that I had not considered before. BTW: I used "ancillary" incorrectly when referring to the travel expenses. Should have been ODC travel reimbursement. Many thanks! Rhodes
  3. We have an "item" on our GSA IT-70 schedule for a government-site training class. It has a part number, description (syllabus), and duration (1 week). It also specifies that travel is not included. The cost for the class is about $12k. Additionally, there will be travel expenses (hotel, airfare...) separate from the GSA item. Here is the challenge: 1. Fed customers want to pay with GPC; however, some do not want to see the GSA item and travel costs itemized but want a single total with the training class descriptor.This would show our GSA product billed at a higher amount (not acceptable)
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