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  1. I get that, but this is a five-year contract with a base and four options. We are currently in the first option year, which is about to expire. I've tracked expended vs obligated funds across the first two option years. To date, OY00 has 49% still obligated on that option year. OY01 still has 60% obligated and the option ends in two weeks. So if you look across both option years, over half of all the funding that was sent is still on contract. Some of that may be reduced due to billings and a fraction may be needed for 'rate changes' but shouldn't there be a limit? I'm just looking to understa
  2. Retreadfed, Planning yard services for ship checks, Ship Installation Drawings (SIDs), and Installation Support Services.
  3. Is there a 'rule of thumb' in how much funding to leave on an expired option year in case of 'rate changes'? Are there other legitimate reasons for not de-obligating funds on a CPIF service contract once the services have completed?
  4. Yes, I am DoD, Navy civilian. The question comes in when using prior-year multi-year dollars (OP-N in this case) to fund a task with a PoP that extends past the expiration date of the funding. For example, the contract option year begins in mid-September 2014 and FY12 funds are added to the contract prior to 30 September. Does 2410a apply to extend their viability to the end of the one year PoP?
  5. I've restated my questions, hoping for a response.
  6. Am I correct that a contract for a nonseverable service must be fully funded when awarded or when an option is exercised, but that a contract for severable services may be incrementally funded? If a contract has line items for both nonseverable and severable services, can the line items be treated independently even though under one 'severable' contract? Does the 2410a exemption apply equally to annual and multi-year appropriations? Thanks.
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