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  1. This is incredible. I think I'll print this out and hang it over my desk at home.
  2. UPDATE: I have accepted an unofficial job offer from the FDA and will be working in Rockville, MD, assuming I pass all of the checks HR has in place. I look very forward to utilizing all of your advice and I will be reading these forums regularly for insight and information. I love the back and forth debates on different issues. Of course, no one's word should be taken as Gospel, but the high-level insight here could help anyone's education on this matter... so thanks to everyone who posts on here. You're making me much more smarterer! (Joking right there aside, thanks! Really!)
  3. The fact that Jacksonville is a military town is why I even came across this field. My family and friends live here, so I would like to eventually be here (unless I really fall in love with somewhere else). My goal is to take any job I can get, no matter where it is located, and get the experience I need to have a successful career. After I have done that, I'd like to move back down to Jacksonville and take a job here at one of the numerous Navy bases. However, if my plans go awry and I end up living happily in Iowa or Maryland, it wouldn't be the first time that's happened.
  4. Good info. Thanks. I really hope the turnaround is a smidgen faster for me, but you definitely got the opportunity you needed and took full advantage of it. Congratulations on your rise through the ranks. I am hoping for a similar opportunity for myself and now I know (I assumed it, though) that the hiring process would not be prompt.
  5. A contracting officer friend/mentor tipped me on USAJobs around a month ago. I have been applying for every contract specialist development position in the eastern U.S. I believe anything (well, within reason) is possible if you work hard enough, so I'll be fine. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to put myself in a position to succeed. Thanks for all of your responses. The first big thing I need to do is comb these threads for good publications to read (The good stuff that a simple Google search won't find!).
  6. BorderC, thank you. While this helps confirms my fears a bit, I'd rather taste the cake than the frosting, so the truth is welcome. That is a very good point in regards to going for a Master's degree and being eligible again for the student internship opportunities I missed. Loul, I thank you for responding. I have considered self-training to help get myself in a better position. I just fear that if I am not able to get into the industry, that money will be in vain (I'm from a poor family and went to school on loans). However, if I'm serious, I know that I should be considering options like th
  7. Hey, everyone. I am a long-time peruser, first time poster. I am interested in joining the contracting industry and I cannot find a way to get in. I would love some tips from those in the industry, either on the government or the contractor side. While I would prefer to be a contract specialist on the government side, I am also open to proposal writing for the other side of the table too (not preferred). My story: My name is Marty Nemec and I am a 26-year-old journalism graduate. While in school, I also took 30 credit hours of business/finance/accounting classes (which fits the govt. requirem
  8. (Hey, everyone!) 1. What is your all time favorite book? Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 2. What is your all time favorite song or album? Album: "To Our Forefathers" by I am Abomination 3. What is your all time favorite movie? Coach Carter 4. Who is your favorite poet? William Wordsworth
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