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  1. It's all about forecasting. In the past, companies didn't have access to such large quantities of data, so complex forecasting did no better than simple trend analysis. Now that companies have access to such large amounts of data, they can determine correlations that will give them insight into consumer habits. Quant funds on Wall Street rarely hire any finance graduates anymore, instead choosing to concentrate their resources on math and physics PHDs. It turns out that chaos theory has significant implications in financial modeling and genetic algorithm development. It's all about probab
  2. I'm a current 1102 with a Level 1 DAWIA Cert, serving in an Administrative function with DCMA. I have 1 year of experience as an 1102; however, I also spent two years as a procurement technician in an operational contracting capacity where I purchased commodities and services below the simplified acquisition threshold. I am set to interview with the Department of Energy soon for a vacant position that performs both pre and post award contracting. The vacancy indicates the Contract Specialist will be "responsible for procurement of services with difficult and complex requirements." In addit
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