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  1. Sometimes I wish there was a WIFPROJ.com. If you are serious about becoming a project manager I don't think you could avoid the PMP if you wanted to. It seems like many of them have it. I'm a procurement person though, so take with a dose of salt.
  2. Oh boy expect a whole lot of that though. Here's another what if "I was reading Vendor B's proposal and I heard they really struggled on a job in Boise. The Boise job is not on their project list in the proposal, can I consider this information when I score their past performance?"
  3. I was trying to tackle the problem you described in this quote. If I keep going down this road, though, it may become a de facto conversion to a firm fixed price.
  4. Yes, but I suppose that creates a problem since you'd be incorporating the ceiling price in along with everything else.
  5. Half baked idea: Could Keith B18 have the Contractor sign a gratuitous services agreement for the last chunk of the work referencing the terms of the existing Contract? I had to get a Contractor to sign one long ago, but that was for a small, discrete job. It wasn't integrated with other paid work.
  6. It was prior to yesteryear and after The Before Times.
  7. Another possible challenge: We have regulations which are easy to find, but there are other influences on what we do, for example audit reports and GAO decisions. They may not always perfectly line up. For example organizational conflict of interest in the FAR is addressed slightly differently than how the GAO addresses it. FAR 9.905: The GAO often writes something like this: The GAO splits the two principles into three categories. They don't conflict or anything, but may cause your computer a headache. I don't know how ambitious your project is, but I find the au
  8. Agreed! I'm still skeptical on this, we dealt with these folks back in the day. It means a lot that you vouch for cubicles, Joel, so I took mine out of the catapult. For now.
  9. It probably helped his case that cubicles are expensive and the vendors kill you on relocations and reconfigurations for years afterward too. I think they were invented to reduce the possibility of heavy petting (ahem!) at work. Only a theory!
  10. I hope we can all agree that open offices and cubicles are bad. I've never had a proper office at work, it just struck me that I'd actually be able to concentrate here if I had a door I could actually close.
  11. I think my therapist calls this "projection". The Contracting professional is not the person who convinces Congress to change rules, the "senior leaders" are. If the existing rules are harmful in some way then persuade Congress to change them.
  12. I've done it for a few years now. If you have to actually write something, or deeply focus on something, then you can't beat teleworking. Huge benefit is that I'm sick and contagious, I can get some things done without infecting the whole office. Can also get a few things done here and there if a kiddo is sick and you have to stay home to care for them. It works fine for day-to-day work. It stinks for work that required a lot of collaboration. Overall a mixed bag, which is why I only do it once every two weeks. I don't cheat, but I'm sure some people do. Folks cheat when th
  13. Full disclosure I was assuming IFB because of this verbiage. Please disregard if it was in fact an RFP. Thank you Carl!
  14. It sounded a little like it had been cancelled and resolicited (emphasis added). You could be right of course, but the OP knows for sure. This is true, but I don't think we know if a termination for default actually occurred. If it had the agency could move on to the second bidder and charge the price delta to the defaulted contractor. BTW, when I had to dig into this, I found these things to ponder when going through a reprocurement after default: The time elapsed since the original competition Whether liquidated damages are being charged
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