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  1. @ August Thank you, I will submit for a E-98, hopefully, it will not take forever.
  2. @August Once the task order is issued, they are expected to travel to perform the work. From my understanding, some work is subcontracted out and the firm will hire a sub contractor from the area to complete the requirement. My organization issues both a SATOC and MATOC and they have work to be performed in various states. Hopefully, I answered the questioned that you asked.
  3. Wage Determination in an IDIQ for world wide services: If I understand correctly, the wage determination would be incorporated into the base and not the task order. My question deals with an IDIQ that is world wide or can be peformed in multiple states. What is the correct procedure for including the wage determination; being that the exact county of performance will not be known until a task order is issued. I have included in the base IDIQ 52.222-49, which states below: 52.222-49 Service Contract Act—Place of Performance Unknown. As prescribed in 22.1006(f), insert the following clause: Ser
  4. C Culham/Joel, The contract does not specify source selection, nor specific ordering instructions, other than everyone in the pool will be given fair opportunity and the max amount for each task order. I believed that most of our task orders are handled the same way, meaning they treat it as a standalone and do not refer back to the base contract for ordering instructions. I have researched 10 of our contracts and they do not have any reference to specific ordering source selection. I don't think that I have ever seen it in a base contract. I could have overlooked it though. I constantly go
  5. Thanks to everyone for their input. 1. I do understand that task orders fall under FAR 16.505 and not FAR 15, however, my leadership told me to do a SSP and that we would be conducting a source selection board. It could also be that they want me to do an evaluation plan, but maybe that is why I am so confused. I will reengage. 2. I have been given the evaluation factors. 3. Perhaps my leadership is using the only terms that they know. Thanks again.
  6. I am a contract specialist and have been told that a new service requirement is needed. The contract vehicle will be a task order off of a MATOC, using the trade off source selection process. The dilemma that I am facing is that I have been told that we will not do a full blown source selection, but a simplified one. I haven’t been shown the difference in the two methods. I have research WIFCON and other sites, and haven’t been able to find the answer that I am looking for. 1. I am in the process of doing a Source Selection Plan SSP, and wanted to know your thoughts on doing trade off
  7. Joel Hoffman, Not that it really matters, but I am the CS and not the KO. I am new to my organization and have discovered that basically the CORs were allowed to behave in my opinion like they were contracting. So I wanted to get the opinion/regulations from others who are not in my vacuum on how they perceive the proper way communication should flow. Thank you
  8. I was recently courtesy copied on an email from my COR and noticed that communications are going back and forth between the COR and the sub-contractor statuses and approving documentation. The prime contractor is also CCd on the emails as well. I would prefer that the communications were between the COR and the prime, but I know contracting does not operate on feelings. I wanted to know if I am being too ridged or maybe it is better business practices to have information flow from the prime to the government and vice versa. Thanks in advance
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