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  1. Hi, In FAR 19.705-2 Determining the need for a subcontracting plan-- "(f) If a subcontracting plan has been added to the contract due to a modification (see 19.702(a)(1)(iii)) or a size re-representation (see 19.301-2(e)), the subcontracting goals apply from the date of incorporation of the subcontracting plan into the contract..." Hope this helps.
  2. If the original task orders were awarded on the basis of fair opportunity, consider doing a class fair opportunity exception D&F based on economy and efficiency (logical follow-on). The efficiency part of it could be maintaining the same provider in a given organization. The economy part of it could be the cost avoidance of having to do a recompete .You could base the value of the D&F on the best estimate of requirement changes.
  3. As we celebrate the 4th of July... According to some historical reports, Col. George Ross, a Congressional delegate from Pennsylvania, gave Betsy Ross, the wife of Col. Ross' nephew, "an unlimited order for as many flags as she could make". I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts as to whether this constituted a valid contract between the US Government and Mrs. Ross.
  4. Our customer recently accepted an item (CLIN 1) and the contractor is now telling us that it cannot install the item (CLIN 2) because the item will not fit into the designated install space due to its dimensions. While both the item and the install space were specified in the contract, the contractor performed a survey before submitting its proposal. Our customer believes the contractor should have known that the item could not be installed into the space and is now asking us to rescind acceptance of the item. I’d appreciate any guidance.
  5. If you contracted it out, wouldn't you then need a COR/COTR for the COR/COTR?
  6. Scenario: You are going to issue a contract for the overnight, world-wide delivery of toys by a sleigh pulled by reindeer. How do you formulate the contract?
  7. Mr./Ms. Williams- You don't owe anyone an apology. Anyone posting on this forum should always be treated with courtesy-- unfortunately, that's not always the case.
  8. After getting over Mounds of problems the contractor got its Pay Day.
  9. We have a component-breakout contract for the production of a component that is critical to the performance of a system. Without the Government's approval, the contractor incorporated a number of performance enhancements into the component. The contractor is now refusing to deliver the production units until it gets paid for the enhancements. Terminating the contract is not an option because the system will not function without the component Also, the component will be GFE to the system contractor and any delay in its delivery will likely result in cost/schedule impact. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I have a CONFESSION to make and hope I'm RITE. This concept could have MASS appeal
  11. Our CONS recently contracted for the demolition of a building constructed pre-WWII. The contract type is FFP.The tasks included "removal of ALL (emphasis added) material from the demolition". After the job was complete and the contractor had been paid, an employee of the contractor informed us confidentially that historical artifacts had been discovered in the building and removed by the contractor. The artifacts were found before the actual demolition had begun and were found where they could not have been seen during the bidders site survey (behind a wall in a crawl space). Does the Government have any rights to the recovery of these artifacts? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  12. Our base has solicited offers to construct a trench around the flight line and runways in order to alleviate recurring flooding. One offeror submitted an offer of $0 with the conditoin that it be allowed to retain the removed soil. Since the trench will be dug in the vacinity of aircraft fuel and oil storage tanks we are unsure of the condition of the soil and don't want to be liable for the unauthorized movement of any hazardous materials. However, the $0 priced offer is very attractive to the customer. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Question: The Incentive Price Revision clause requires the contractor to submit a list of residual inventory and its estimated value. May the Government, at its discretion, acquire title to residual inventory under an FPIF contract? If so, it would seem that the value of the residual items would be deducted from the total incurred costs of the contractor. Does it matter if the total incurred costs exceed the ceiling value of the contract?
  14. I appreciate everyone's interest in my 1 April post
  15. I was told that the Contracting Officer has to approve the subcontract so I want to make sure we are doing the right thing.
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